Data Protection And Data Backup Solutions

Keeping Critical Information Safe and Secure

Data can make or break an organization’s success because it provides valuable insights on employees, customers, products and competitors. Ensure availability – no matter where your data resides – with Primary Guard’s flexible data protection and data backup solutions.

What Causes Data Failure/Loss?


Environmental disasters; power outages, software failure and other IT malfunctions

Human-caused events

Employees/data users who accidentally delete files or deliberately leak access to a vital database

Cyber attacks

Viruses or malware that can infect servers, computers, and networks to allow hackers’ access to sensitive information

Enterprise Challenges
of Managing Data Protection and Backup

Data Protection

Data Backup

Why Choose
Primary Guard’s Solution

Single, user-friendly data protection platform

Scalable and supported across multiple environments


Easy to install cloud-based data/endpoint protection

Backup Services Offered

Managed Backup as a Service

Preparing multiple backup copies on different mediums to ensure you have consistent data – onsite, offsite or hybrid cloud-based.

Automated Backup as a Service

Scheduling backup jobs to run automatically.

Data Availability as a Service

Providing recovery options - file, folder, directory or image level – that can be done within few seconds up to a minute.

Data Protection and Backup Has Never Been More Convenient

Our adaptive IT solution enables data protection to be simplified and standardized across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Granular recovery and automated point-in-time recovery ensures data availability in real time for applications and databases including SAP/HANA, Oracle, Microsoft, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sybase, and DB2.

With agent or agentless VM consistent backup in VMware and Hyper-V environments, easily back up your virtual environments.

Simplify backup and recovery with a comprehensive support matrix including storage integrations with Dell/EMC and NetApp.

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