Managed IT Services

Assisting Organizations to Derive Better Value from their IT

Primary Guard offers dedicated technology and cloud services to help overcome the IT infrastructure challenges you’re facing, improve network performance, and boost the efficiency of your day-to-day operations. Maximize your company’s potential while reducing costs by allowing us to monitor and manage your servers, desktops, cloud, and more.

Manage your cloud with affordable, enterprise-level security services

Primary Guard’s Managed IT Services leverages the experience of our diverse team of experts to take on the IT and network issues of your company. For a reasonable cost, let our experts to do what’s necessary to keep your business operations running smoothly, securely, and compliant. We deliver expertise and support in 4 key areas:

Benefits of Our Support Services


Primary Guard’s Managed IT Services saves you a ton of money by helping to minimize costly network issues.

Proactive Solution

Our clients experience better performance, fewer glitches, and minimal-to-no downtime. Problems are detected early, preventing escalation of issues.

24/7 Access to Experts

With Primary Guard’s Managed IT Services, you have the benefit of consulting with a team of experienced experts. Clients can feel as though they have an in-house IT staff, without the full-time employees’ cost.

Easier to Budget

Our Managed IT Services are flexibly invoiced monthly, quarterly or annually for more predictable, manageable expenses than a break/fix model.

Faster Response and Remediation

Reach out to us for your IT problems and you’ll receive prompt support once we know the full details.

Vendor Management

Dealing with different hardware and software vendors is no longer a hassle. We’ll speak on your behalf so you can focus on running your business efficiently.

Peace of Mind

Having to monitor the daily ebb and flow of business, it can be difficult to keep up with the everevolving landscape of IT technology. Don’t worry, let us manage the technical stuff for you.

Network and
Server Maintenance

Our team of experts provides proactive services in IT optimization for better technological efficiency and smoother business operations.

Server software updates with regular “check-ups”


Security and monitoring

Scheduled backups

Ensuring compliancy with legal regulations and corporate policies.

Network Monitoring Services

Primary Guard provides personalized consultations to help your company better understand and evaluate its network utilization, download/upload speeds, type, size, origin, destination, and content/data packets.

For security policy optimization, we offer these security solutions:

Provide expert analysis and comprehensive, best-practice recommendations to ensure that your security policy is comprehensive and compliant.

Provide an implementation plan to realign your security policy with your business objectives, making your environment easier to support and maintain.

Endpoint Protection Services

Managing Endpoint Protection Flexibly with Secured, Remote Access

Designed to fit your existing business practices, Primary Guard will take the reins of monitoring, protecting, and maintaining the security of all your endpoint devices. We’ll become the frontline of defence for your employees.

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