Phishing Campaigns & Social Engineering Training

Do Your Part – Be Security Smart!

95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error. YOUR ORGANIZATION could be next. Get your employees to think before they click on phishing links to prevent spear phishing attacks.

Phishing Has Grim Consequences


Of organizations worldwide experienced a type of phishing attack in 2020


Of phishing attacks arrive via email

$1 Billion

Highest amount of loss due to ransomware attacks


Time taken for an organization to fall victim to ransomware

Why Use ToPhish?

Automated Phishing Campaign Setup

The Data Breach Investigations Report by Verizon notes that 96% of phishing attacks are done via email. Make full use of our email and landing page template creation that will be automatically sent the moment you start a campaign.

Ready-to-use Phishing Scenarios

It is tedious to prepare phishing assessments, simulate phishing campaigns and spread awareness of phishing attacks. Hence, you can leave the legwork to us and get your very own phishing campaign simulator that works best for your organization.

Detailed, Live Campaign Reports

View all phishing simulation campaign data in real-time to precisely pinpoint security vulnerabilities in your organization. In addition, employees will be able to correctly distinguish between various phishing attacks like spear phishing, link manipulation, malware or email phishing.

User-friendly Website Interface

We believe that social engineering assessments should not be difficult to teach or learn. So, you will require no special knowledge or prior training to carry out any social engineering testing and assessments when you use our platform.

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